Completion of Works - Xghajra Tower
March 2009


After a tumultuous winter, all restoration works on the tower are complete with the foundations on the sea-facing base of the tower consolidated where existing and rebuilt where missing. This operation consisted of reconstructing the rock face using boulders lying around the beach nearby backed with concrete reinforced with a number of strategically positioned carbon fibre rods.


The roof-level structures were completely rebuilt including the staircase turret, sentry room and the parapet wall complete with gun embrasures. All pointing works in the internal upper level and all the exterior facades have been carried out. Waterproofing of the roof structures and pointing of the platform is also complete.


One final job was the excavation and clearing of the soil and other rubble on the landward front of the tower in order to recover the original level. In the process a buttress wall was exposed. This feature was duly restored and finished with a coping stone on the top-most course.